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Carry Out Menu

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Calamari Panko breaded deep fried squid  $8.95


Ika Geso Fried squid legs w/lightly spicy ponzu sauce  $8.95


Beef Negi Grilled beef roll w/green onion & sauce  $9.95


Tataki Seared rare albacore $11.95


Agedashi Tofu Deep fried tofu  $6.95


Hiyayakko Cold tofu  $4.95


Yu Dofu Tofu hot pot w/ ponzu dipping sauce  $8.95


Nasushige Age Deep fried eggplant  $6.95


Soft Shell Crab Deep fried  $7.95


Homemae Gyoza Pork pot stickers - choose steamed or fried  $5.95


Veggie Gyoza Vegetarian pot stickers  $5.95


Ohitashi Boiled spinach  $4.95


Eda Mame Steamed soy beans  $4.95


Oyster Shooter Chiefy's Surprise  $3.95


Oyster Raw on the half shell  $9.95


Fried Oysters Panko breaded  $8.95


Sesame Chicken  $8.95


Tatsuta  Age Deep fried marinated chicken $8.95


Karubi Shichimi Yaki Marinated short ribs $9.95


*Please see attached Menu for Sushi and Sashimi List

Teriyaki or Shioyaki

Includes Soup, Salad, and Rice


Beef (Rib Eye)  $18.95


Chicken  $14.95


Pork  $14.95


Salmon  $16.95


Saba (Mackerel)  $14.95

Soups & Salads

Miso Soup Fermendted soy bean paste soup  $3.00


Clam Soup Little necks in natural broth  $6.00


Chawan Mushi(min.2) Savory steamed egg custard $7.00


Green Salad House salad, miso dressing  $3.50


Sunomono Seafood & Cucumber  $6.95


Cucumber Salad Cucumber, wakane, sunomono  dressing  $3.95


Seafood Salad Leaf lettuce,sashimi, ponzu dressing  $8.95


Kaiso Salad Seaweed salad $5.95


Rice  $2.50



Includes Miso Soup


Oyako Donburi Chicken, egg & vegetables over rice  $10.95


Katsu Don Pork cutlet, onion & egg over rice $10.95


Sukiyaki Donburi Beef, tofu, yam noodles over rice  $14.9


Ten Don Shrimp & vegetable tempura over rice  $10.95


Tekka Donburi Fresh tuna slices over sushi rice  $16.95


Unagi Donburi Broiled eel over rice  $16.95

Miyuki's Dinner Combo

Includes Soup, salad, and Rice


Choose Any Two  $18.95

Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon Teriyaki, Sashimi, Tonkatsu, Calamari, Sesame Chicken, Pork Teriyaki, Saba, Beef Teriyaki, Gyoza, Karubi Ribs


Choose Any Three   $23.95

Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon Teriyaki, Sashimi, Tonkatsu, Calamari, Sesame Chicken, Pork Teriyaki, Saba, Beef Teriyaki, Gyoza, Karubi Ribs

Tempura & Agemono

Includes Miso Soup, Salad, and Rice


Shrimp Batter friend shrimp  $15.95


Assorted  Batter fried shrimp & vegetables  $15.95


Vegetable  Batter friend vegetables  $13.95


Tonkatsu Deep fried panko breaded pork $ 15.95


Beef Katsu Deep fried panko breaded  beef  $18.95


Chicken Katsu Deep fried panko breaded chicken $15.95


Fried Cod  $15.95


Fried Oyster  $15.95


Includes Miso Soup, Salad, and


Sukiyaki Lighly sweet soy sauce broth w/tofu, vegetables, & shirataki noodles


Beef  $18.95

Chicken  $14.95

Vegetable  $12.95


Buta Tofu Pork & tofu prepared  in a miso based broth  $13.95


Yosenabe Seafood & chicken cooked in a light broth  $21.95


Mizutaki Tofu, vegetables, bean thread noodles in a clear soup broth w/ponzu dipping sauce  


Beef  $18.95

Chicken  $14.95

Bento Box Specials

Served During Lunch Only

Includes Miso Soup, Salad and Rice


California Roll


Sesame Chicken



Pork Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki

Beef Teriyaki (add $2.00)

Salmon Teriyaki (add $2.00)

Sashimi (3 item Bento only)


CHOOSE Any 2 or 3 of Our Favorites


2 Items  $10.95

3 Items  $12.95

Udon & Soba

Substitute Soba for Udon, add $1.00


Beef Udon  $12.95


Pork Udon  $10.95


Chicken Udon  $10.95


Kitsune Udon Fried Tofu  $10.95


Tempura Udon  $10.95


Nabeyaki Udon Chicken, spinach, tempura, soft egg  $12.95


Seafood Udon Clam, mussels, scallop, prawn, fish, spinach, mushroom, & green onion hot pot  $14.95


Vegetable Udon  $9.95


Su-Udon Plain noodles  $8.95


Ten Zaru Soba Cold soba w/ tempura  $11.95

CHILD PLATES (10 yrs and under)

Includes Miso Soup and Rice


Beef Teriyaki  $10.95


Chicken Teriyaki  $8.95


Pork Teriyaki $8.95


Salmon Teriyaki  $9.95


Tempura  $8.95


Tonkatsu  $8.95


Chicken Katsu  $8.95


Soda, Ice Tea, Apple Juice, Sparkling Water


Sake (Premium or House)

        Cold or Hot



 By the glass or Bottle

 Please ask your server about the featured wine of the week



 Premium Japanese Imported



Ice Cream - Marianne's  $2.95

Please ask server about today's flavors

Ngiri Sushi (2pcs/ord)

Aji  $5.25


Albacore  $4.95


Amaebi  $7.95


Ebi  $4.50


Halibut  $5.50


Hamachi  $5.00


Hokki  $4.00


Ika  $4.75


Ikura  $4.75


Inari  $3.25


Kaibashira  $5.00

Kaki  $5.25


Kani  $4.50


Maguro  $5.50


Saba  $4.75


Sake  $5.00


Snapper  $4.75


Tako  $4.75


Tamago  $3.50


Tobiko  $4.50


Unagi  $5.25


Uni  $8.95

Miyuki's  Sushi Menu

Spicy Rolls

Spicy Albacore  $4.75


Spicy California  $4.95


Spicy Charlie  $7.25


Spicy Kani $5.25


Spicy Salmon Skin  $4.95

Spicy Scallop  $6.25


Spicy Spider  $8.95


Spicy Tuna  $5.25


Spicy Tempura  $8.95

Oshi Sushi

Battera  $8.75


Ebi Oshi  $8.75

Unagi Oshi  $9.75

Sushi Combos

Deluxe Nigiri  $33.00


Nigiri  $21.00


Combo Sushi  $21.00

Maki Mix $13.95


Chirashi  $21.00


Sashimi Plates

Tataki Appetizer  $11.95


Deluxe Sashimi   $33.00

Mix Sashimi   $21.00

Sashimi Appetizers 7 pcs

Maguro(Tuna)  $12.75


Tako(Octupus)   $11.00


Sake(Salmon)  $11.75


Hamachi (Yellow Tail)  $13.25

Maki Sushi

Alaska Roll  $5.50


California Roll   $4.95


Chicken Teri Roll   $4.75


Ebi Avocado  $5.00


Ebi Maki  $4.25


Ebi Tempura Roll  $8.95


Futo Maki  $9.50


Kani Maki  $4.25


Negi Hama $5.00


Philly Roll  $5.95


Rainbow Roll  $10.95

Sake Maki  $4.50


Salmon Skin Roll   $4.95


Spider Roll   $8.95


Saba Gari  $4.50


Tobiko  Maki  $4.25


Tamago Maki  $3.75


Tekka Maki  $4.75


Tekkyu Maki  $4.75


Unakyu $5.25


Unagi Avocado  $6.95



Veggie Rolls

Avocado Roll  $3.75


Avocado Cucumber  $3.75


Jumbo Roll   $8.75


Kappa Maki  $3.75


Kanpyo Maki  $4.25


Natto Maki $3.75

Shiitake Maki  $3.75


Shinko Maki $3.75


Ume Shisho Maki  $3.75


Veg Tempura Roll $5.75


Yamagobo Maki $3.75


Special Rolls

Dragon Roll  $13.00


Fried Philly Roll  $8.95


Gina Roll   $5.95


Jenny Roll  $5.95


Nikki Roll  $5.95

Pajaro Roll  $8.50


Sake Dragon Roll  $13.00


Tokyo Roll   $11.95


Tree Hugger Roll  $4.95


Appetizer Specials

Tataki Seared albacore sashimi, topped with grated ginger

& garlic, thinly sliced blanched onions, and finished with ponzu sauce  $11.95


Scallop Dynamite Scallops & diced mushrooms, topped w/our jalapeño "secret sauce"... baked to perfection, drizzled w/ teriyaki sauce $9.95


Mussel Dynamite Tasty green lip mussels, topped w/our jalapeño "secret sauce"...baked to perfection, drizzled w/ teriyaki sauce  $8.95


Hamachi Kama Yellowtail collar...lightly salted, broiled and served w/grated daikon & ponzu sauce  $11.95/$16.95

*Ask your server about availability


Vegetable Gyoza Vegetarian potstickers  $5.95

Miyuki Specials

Dragon Roll Tempura shrimp & string bean inside, topped with unagi, avocado & sweet sauce $13.00


Sake Dragon Roll Tempura shrimp & string bean inside, topped with salmon and avocado  $13.00


Pajaro Roll Deep fried hamachi roll topped with teriyaki sauce, taptio, green onions & sesame seeds $8.50


Tokyo Roll Spicy tuna, cucumber, tempura crumbles inside, topped with tuna, hamachi & avaocado $11.95


Niki Roll Salmon, Tamago, Avocado & Spicy Mayo  $5.95


Jenny Roll Shrimp, crab, cucumber, tobiko, & spicy mayo  $5.95


Gina Roll Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber, Macadamia Nuts $5.95


Fried Philly Roll Deep fried salmon & Cream cheese roll, topped with teriyaki sauce, tapatio, green onions, & sesame seeds $8.95


Tree Hugger Roll Inari, Avocado, cucumber & Mac Nuts  $4.95